The Human Decision Academy™ presents the worlds first instruction manual to profit creation for decision makers:


Iben Frithiof Kristoffersen,

"The Profit Chain ™ was the decision system in my previous company Frithiof A/S, which I sold in 2008.
It gave me and the board of directors the ultimate overview of contexts and priorities of decisions to optimize profits.
The structured process that included all significant profit-making decisions, was decisive evidence of the company's earnings - and the sales price!"

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"One thing is certain, if decision makers have doubts as to how profit is created and how it should be created, then the overall risk of making bad decisions increases and the most probable outcome is loss instead of profit. 
  • Then, how can organizations, and decision makers and employees in these organizations, become better at identifying and making profitable decisions?
There is only one answer:
The only way forward to a better understanding of the sources of profit and the logic that rules profitable decisions or, to be accurate, to learn to understand The Profit Chain™, is if you equip yourself with a tool that helps you to identify all the relevant opportunities to make profitable decisions. Then you will be more likely to make those decisions.
It is as simple as that".

The Author of “In Search of Profit”,
Finn Gilling.
The Human Decision Academy™ / Symbion Science Park / Fruebjergvej 3 /2100 Copenhagen / Denmark

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Christian Carlsen,
Cand Merc, Director
Procurement & Co-Founder,
SourceByNet Pte. Ltd.,
Jørn Johansen,
international editor of
the ISO 33014 Guideline for Process Improvement:

In my experience it is essential that, as an organization matures, it is able to transform decision making from "gut feeling" and the "opinion of the day" into more analytical and structured decision processes - we could call it knowledge-based decision making using the logic of profit.
'In Search of PROFIT - from value chain to profit chain" is the first book I have read that consistently and systematically describes the concepts behind profit creation in a business or organization.
….not "one excellent decision" but "thousands of well coordinated decisions" are the stuff that turns a brilliant idea into reality, and this calls for effective decision management!
"In a world where there is no shortage of commercial buzzwords or empty popular concepts, it is a relief to discover how CPS brings business back into the business and focus on what it is about: to make money on the business operation.
The Profit Chain ™ provides deep structured insight and fundamental understanding of profit generation in companies.
The model brings together concepts and words in a unique, coherent frame of reference for all the company's profit-making decisions, providing management with a unique powerful tool for coordinated and targeted behavior.
Everyone interested in the management and profitability, or just interested in their own careers, should read this groundbreaking and important book very thoroughly."